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She will delight your senses, and soon enough you will be melting into her very comfortable bed (all Taurus women have luxurious beds).They are also great cooks as well, so don’t be too surprised if food is used for foreplay.Two doormen flanking the entrance are whispering feverishly as they crane to look down the street – while a waitress bobs past with a tray of tea, humming: ‘I’m spinning around…’ Suddenly the 45-year-old arrives and scoots upstairs, past gaping faces, in a spotless camel-coloured coat.

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Percy Jackson and Olympian series nor its related content, Rick Riordan does and will always. And occasionally, she will dally with another woman. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXShe loves him, loves him more than anything and anyone in her immortal life. When he is depressed, she wants to comfort him; taking him in her arms and telling him it's alright. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"WHAT?! " had Aphrodite's palace not been completely and totally soundproof, that shout would have resounded all throughout Olympus. "To put it in words you understand; get out and never come back. " she asked as she focused on her outfit and nodded to herself."You… One Aphrodite-styled beatdown later, the Love Goddess held the War God by his throat in a vice-like grip. His body was ravaged; the entirety of his right arm was broken in several places, his left arm was bent at an odd angle, he couldn't breathe properly due to several shattered ribs, his legs were useless given she ripped out both kneecaps and shattered all the bones in them.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXAphrodite loves attention. She likes stealing men from other women, and having everyone concentrate on her. She cares for him in a way she'd never cared for anything or anyone. She definitely doesn't care for her supposed lover Ares. When he goes on quests her heart clenches in fear that this might be his last. Aphrodite sat calmly in front of her large vanity mirror, combing her luscious hair, as always wanting her appearance to be the very definition of perfection. His jaw was broken in two places, his lip split and inchor flowed like a sink faucet on. "I've kept my true a secret due to Zeus' paranoia at those more powerful than him and not wanting to waste my time beating his ass should he try something against me.

Though the box was shut, the buzzing did not cease.

Waiting in the lobby of a plush central London hotel, I can sense Kylie Minogue coming before I see her.

Stunned by her beauty and charmed by her personality, over time Epimetheus would ask for Pandora’s hand in marriage.

For a wedding gift, Zeus gave Pandora a beautiful box. Overwhelming curiosity caused Pandora to open the box. Disease, poverty and utter sadness poured out, all in the shape of tiny buzzing moths.She claims fairest, just like that silly little queen from . She cares not for the numerous casual liaisons she had over her 4000 year life. When he is hurt or injured she wants heal him not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. A few feet behind her, her 'lover' Ares mouth agape enough to catch flying sows."You heard me Ares," she said not taking her eyes off herself as she continued to brush her hair. His left eye was swollen shut, a pitch-black color."So foolishly arrogant of you to believe you could ever harm me." She said to the barely conscious Ares. I was born from the remains of Ouranos the Primordial of the Sky, raised and trained by the Primordial of Oceans Pontus, and blessed by the Primordials of Light, Day, Procreation and Ocean. In truth, his power, the power of all the Olympians combined is compared to my own." She said seeing that Ares was close to passing out.She doesn't care about the consequences of her just taking, especially men, and she doesn't care about other's emotions as much as you think she would. When she sees him surrounded by other women, especially the little Athena spawn that currently has his heart, she cannot help the rage and jealousy that courses through her. She cares not why or how he's different because there is only way to explain it… She sent a little energy into him to wake him up, she wasn't finished just yet.Gods and men call her Aphrodite and Aphrogenia (the foam-born) because she grew amid the foam. It is not as structured as a goal but it’s more than a wish. How did the ancient Greeks explain and understand hope? "You're a brutish oaf who crashes his motorcycle every day, who is rarely good at fighting, and even at sex you're just ." She said turning around to the shaking god.

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