Free no charge no strings chat

and book an appointment today to find out everything you need to about getting that awesome smile!

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Free no charge no strings chat

is not easy for a lot of patients and we believe in being transparent with our charges. - Affordable and competitive pricing - Free specialist orthodontist consultations - Interest free payment plans - Flexible payment options - Small monthly installments - Up-front payment discounts - All inclusive quotes and pricing (no surprise hidden fees or charges) - Discounts for family members We will use this time to have a chat, decide if orthodontics is right for you, and if so, then plan a course of action.

This allows you to make an informed decision about the treatment you are considering for your self or for a family get a written quote from your orthodontist and make sure you are clear on who is doing the treatment (is it a specialist orthodontist or a dentist doing braces? For a few patients who have more complicated clinical presentations, we may require a longer appointment, if we need to, we can get you back in for a further appointment.

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After this initial appointment, we will give you an idea of how we can help, the estimated treatment time and financial commitment involved... Depending on the problem being corrected, this treatment option may be the only treatment required.

The cost varies as it depends on the complexity of the design, the nature of the problem, the duration of treatment and the number of visits.

This document, also called an Advance Health Directive is a document where YOU can tell your doctor and family how you want to be treated.

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