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Charlie Stelle, have been researching the landscape and found that people over 60 represent the most rapidly growing demographic in online dating.You can read an article about the ongoing study by clicking here.

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But students there still end up with a lot of debt.

And yet, students in Germany and the UK have far lower debts than in Sweden. Neither is the beer that fuels the relatively infrequent, yet legendary, binges in which some Swedes partake.

Sure, the average US student was carrying about 30% more, at $24,800.. In fact, since 1995 more than half of the 25 OECD countries with available data on higher education have overhauled their college tuition policies at public institutions , with many adding or raising fees.

The average at the beginning of 2013 was roughly 124,000 Swedish krona (,000). While the costs of education are far lower than in the US, over the past two decades sometimes-hefty fees have become a fact of life for many European students. Some German states instituted them after a federal ban on student fees was overturned in the courts.The US, where we're constantly being told that student debt is hitting crisis proportions, the average is more like 60%. And because she is from Stockholm, Ellie was able to live at home with her parents for the first couple years of her university career."My parents told me, 'You are very stupid to move out because every month you save like 4,000 kroner,'" she said. Sweden population of roughly 9.1 million--smaller than Belgium's--is sprinkled pretty evenly over a geographic expanse greater than Germany's.So for many Swedes, living with mom and dad while attending school isn't an option.This is not just a business for us; it’s what gets us up each and every day.We count our success by the enormous number of connections, relationships, marriages, and children we’ve helped to create.By sharing it in the comments section below you’ll help out some other seniors.

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