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I love chatting in free room, but I do not do roleplay or take wishes until we are alone. I am very accommodating and always want you to have the best experience here. I am willing to take requests that come with a tokens. Or you can try to put me down and show me, where is my place.

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It worked for me too and all this talk about feet made mine yearn for some attention.

So armed with my notes I was soon keen to find myself a man with strong hands who could pamper my dainty toes.

There not much turns off, so try my dirty mind and discover dark sides, they are hidden somewhere deep in me. I am into a lot of fetishes and kinks, I love my feet worshiped so much! I also love to role-play, the limit is the imagination!

Brudos was born in Webster, South Dakota, and was the younger of two sons.

When I was 12, I developed a leg fetish, much like people do for feet, except for me it was a girl's legs.

It turned me on to think of wrapping around or laying on top of and grinding into the calf or have them wrapped around me, so girls in skirts or shorts really turned me on.

We come and chat about old and new anime, share the love of being fans/nerds of anime subs and even the Toonami Dub fans are most welcomed!

It is against the Forum Rules to discuss Fetishes as the main topic of a post anywhere at Psych Forums.================================================You are entering a forum that contains discussions of a sexual nature, some of which are explicit.

As a hypnotist at hypnotic4play and a very open minded girl I feel pretty stupid not knowing how much some gay men enjoy other mens feet wether they are naked or wearing socks.

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