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Bowery just celebrated its official launch and is now open daily, offering an amazing selection of cocktails, wines, beers and spirits, as well as a delicious rotating menu from 6pm until late night.Come visit us at Bowery– we’re right next door to The Beach Bar! The Beach Bar offers the best view and amazing food and drinks for any occasion.Give us a call to find out more about our catering! The air-conditioned, newly built space is great for any occasion, whether a wedding, meet & greet or just getting some friends together.

I wonder if she’s ever been beaten or raped by her customers.

Or, if she ever had to contact a “ hilot ” (midwife) who terminates unwanted pregnancies by violently pounding a woman’s stomach until she miscarries.

"We were forced to take a cotton ball and dip it in pigeon's blood, then put that in our sex organ," she says. In some parts of Asia, anti-trafficking groups have found that men believe sex with a virgin can cure their HIV/AIDS.

Social workers say that's led to a disturbing trend with tragic consequences for the victims of human trafficking.

St John is the ultimate Caribbean getaway with beaches that are consistently rated #1 in the world and National park covering 75% of the island – allowing for interaction with stunning sea life amongst the beautiful coral reefs.

We know without a doubt St John is the most beautiful island on earth, and soon you will too!

“We bring women together to discuss their lives and share ideas,” I say. military base and my name was not Alma but “Pearly.” I was a single-mother of two young children struggling to support my family by waitressing seven days a week.

“You should come to our next meeting.” She looks at me quizzically and asks, “What do you know about my life? The clubs were always busy when the military ships came in. When my brother promised to help pay my tuition, I left Manila for Olongapo City where he lived.

Joseph Scott Pemberton, left, arrives for the verdict of his court case for the killing of Filipino transgender Jennifer Laude, at Olongapo city, Zambales province, northwest of Manila, Philippines on Dec. According to Reuters, the Olongapo City regional trial court also ordered Pemberton to pay about 4.5 million pesos (0,000) to Laude’s family for loss of earning capacity.

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