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Designer Jinsop Lee (a TED Talent Search winner) shares his theory of 5-sense design, with a handy graph and a few examples.His hope: to inspire you to notice great multisensory experiences.

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We discuss the implications of these principles in the form of constructive guidelines and suggestions for researchers, editors, reviewers and science communicators. “Sex/gender and neuroscience: focusing on current research,” in Never Mind the Gap!

Over the past few decades, psychologists have documented a tendency for lay-people to hold “essentialist” beliefs about social categories, including gender (for summary, see Haslam and Whelan, 2008).

Call me old-fashioned, but sex can still be startling. A giant, shiny, cartoon-realistic Jeff Koons sculpture of a couple coupling dominates the first floor — people walk around it, nervously eying its oversized and anatomically exact details.

At least the many iterations of sex showcased in “Desire,” the second Miami Art Week show produced by art-world stars Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch (last year’s version, also in the Moore Building in the Design District, was “Unreal”), and curated by Diana Widmaier-Picasso. A “cool” conceptual wall includes Richard Prince’s (in)famous “Spiritual America.” His photograph of another infamous photo, a nude 10-year-old Brooke Shields, her gaze unnerving, still challenges us. Crumb strip (the revolutionary underground comic artist, specifically included by Widmaeir-Picasso) illustrating, and using the language of, a bizarre 1906 account of sexual fetishes by a Viennese doctor. Indeed, another Prince photo of a photo, this one a blow-up of an Instagram post of a couple of teen girls, is the kind of provocative thing teens post all the time.

Neuroimaging (NI) technologies are having increasing impact in the study of complex cognitive and social processes. Kaiser, A., Haller, S., Schmitz, S., and Nitsch, C. On sex/gender related similarities and differences in f MRI language research.

In this emerging field of social cognitive neuroscience, a central goal should be to increase the understanding of the interaction between the neurobiology of the individual and the environment in which humans develop and function. “On the (im)possibility of a feminist and queer neuroexperiment,” in Gendered Neurocultures: Feminist and Queer Perspectives on Current Brain Discourses, eds S.

It takes a few seconds before you realize that none of them are wearing underwear.

Their direct gaze and solid stance challenges ideas of vulnerability, exposure, strength and control. (Wong died of AIDS.) In Eric Fischl’s “First Sex,” a nude woman confronts three boys in a night landscape — which of them is in control?

As I write this, two artifacts of roughly the same size and shape sit on my desk: a cordless mouse and a hand axe from the Middle Stone Age. In asexual species, wholly different mutations that arise in different lineages cannot be combined.

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