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“Sex and the City” costume designer Patricia Field is closing her beloved Bowery bazaar after 50 funky and fabulous years.

Eighty years later she remains one of the greatest entertainment icons of all time after making 39 films and recording over 650 songs.

Amazingly, until this year she though she was only 93, born in 1924, but a new birth certificate confirms she is actually two years older. Her dancing days were numbered: Young Doris' fancy footwork was her first love and she formed a dance troop in Cincinnati.

It could have made her insufferably smug and contemptuous of others, but instead she became kind, generous and courageous.

Pippilotta Provisionia Gaberdina Dandeliona Ephraimsdaughter Longstocking can look back upon an eventful life.

You will locate the Gates by checking the signs installed on site, or using the indications shown below.

Guests with Presale Tickets: your entrance will be Gate B at 20 avenue de New York (River side).

She has been transformed into eight feature films, two television series, two television films and at least 800 professional theatre productions.

She has given rise to academic theses, has been appointed as the most important cultural case for the last 150 years, and gotten interpreted lengthwise and crosswise from every conceivable perspeictive.

Kelly Osbourne, Anne Hathaway, Avril Lavigne and Caitlyn Jenner also lead her list of celebrity regulars.

“When Beyonce was, like, a teenager and singing with Destiny’s Child, she used to come shop in the Eighth Street store with her mom,” Field reflected.

A car accident when she was 15 left her with leg injuries that put an early stop to those dreams.2.

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