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I am near to Coventry Railway Station - 20 minutes Birmingham International Airport. To put things into a quick perspective: I'm a relative newcomer to social nudism.I've been a closet nudist all my life, and lived in your average New Zealand household/city.

You are just associated with that particular organization.

I have friends, I have people I've known since childhood, people I've kn...

First Age of Avalon -- "Come and experience the power of this realm where it is difficult to separate reality and the adventurous life of Avalon.

It is a breath-taking journey into the imagination, where a game is no longer a game, where you, and only you, set the limits of the possible!

In all honesty they wasn't very surprised, and quite happily accepted that I spent most of my time in my room or when I knew we wouldn't have visitors naked around the house. We all have friends, some are close friends, some are acquaintances.

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