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Contrary to public belief, federal law prohibits the observance of a waiting period before accepting a M/P report.

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When facts and circumstances indicate a strong possibility of “foul-play”, or the disappearance is the result of a criminal act, the investigation will continue along such a course.

You can go to any LAPD Area station near where the missing person resides, or make a telephonic report by calling the local non-emergency telephone number of the Area station in the jurisdiction in which the missing person is a resident.

Students, see how many of these practices you are already engaged in. Los Angeles High School's MESA team competed in the “MESA Prosthetic Arm Challenge 2.0" Saturday, February 27th and won First and Second place. First place team members pictured in the upper right rotating photo: Elisha Mendoza, Andrew Auh, Javier Martinez, and Willie Contreras.

This competition was the UCLA Preliminaries, the first in a series. Second place team members pictured directly above: Dean Madali, Justin Suh, Juan Toledo, and Juana Jimenez.

Not all adult missing persons are the victims of kidnapping, murders, or some other criminal act.

There are a variety of reasons why a person voluntarily disappears including mental illness, depression, substance abuse, credit problems, abusive relationships, or marital discord.We will help you learn to find stillness even when the world feels like it’s moving by at impossible speeds.So you swiped right and dinner-and-a-movie dates just aren’t cutting it anymore.Your roller-skating skills are definitely shaky (get it? ), but struggling to stay upright while holding onto your date will be way more fun than trying to practice your solo spin move.Alcohol isn't served at this throwback roller rink in Glendale -- one of the last in LA -- but that's what flasks were made for, right?Those pictured on right and left ends are the UCLA engineering students who acted as judges.

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