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Microsoft released Skype for Windows 5.11 beta earlier last week, which brings the first step in integrating Skype into the Microsoft ecosystem – by allowing users to connect their Skype account with their Microsoft account.By doing so, users will be able to see and instant message their Messenger contacts within the Skype client (voice and video calls are not supported across the two networks).

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Nor it is possible to link together multiple Microsoft and Skype accounts.

In case you would like to link your Microsoft account with a different Skype account, then currently this can only be done by contacting customer service and requesting your account to be unlinked.

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Unfortunately currently it is indeed only possible to see whether you have linked your account with Microsoft account or not.

You cannot see what Microsoft account your Skype account is linked with.

Current legal restraints, coupled with a judiciary that fundamentally lacks independence, create a highly problematic legal environment where users cannot be guaranteed that their constitutional and internationally recognized rights will be upheld.

A new antiterrorism law was issued in August 2014, providing lengthy prison sentences for crimes such as undermining national unity, possessing materials counter to the state’s notion of Islam, and “publicly declaring one’s animosity or lack of allegiance to the state or the regime.” The country’s 2012 cybercrime law already contains punishments for offending the state, its rulers, and its symbols, or for insulting Islam and other religions.

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